“On Our Own”

Learning and practicing a variety of skills to take back the power in our lives, put it back in our own hands, and be more PERSONALLY prepared for life’s uncertainties.  Having to ability to live, actually THRIVE, regardless of one’s situation.  The “oOo” lifestyle is one that allows us to be in control of our own lives as much as possible.  This can turn   life’s unexpected challenges/adversities into simple and manageable “On Our Own” situations. 


Here you will not find any experts nor will you learn how to survive doomsday or the apocalypse.  Here you will find suggestions from real, everyday people who are trying to live a simpler lifestyle that will assist in overcoming challenges whatever the cause.  This site will attempt to provide different ideas from people of all means, skill sets and from different geographic locations.


This is an interactive site that shares ideas and information through videos, web links and a forum, to allow for discussion and information sharing with anyone.  There is also a product review section with links to some of the gear we own and use as we practice the “On Our Own” lifestyle.


Thanks for visiting the “On Our Own” web page and remember unprepared leads to dependence,  “oOo”  leads to INdependence. 

“On Our Own”  

                           ….Independence, not dependence!

Welcome To The OOO Philosophy